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Beyond government data, VINMonitor's database resources include private sector data such as mechanics' and storage lien-sale notices, eBay vehicle-for-sale information, vehicle condition reports prepared after vehicles have been in accidents, and other sources of private data that can help insurers know where their assets are and what transactions are being proposed for their assets.

VINMonitor offers the best deal for the money. VINMonitor focuses exclusively on vehicles. VINMonitor offers no governmental affairs services, no cargo theft protection services, and no medical fraud investigative services. VINMonitor's low monthly price reflects this focus on vehicles. VINMonitor customers pay only for the data services that they want. VINMonitor charges no annual membership fee or other assessment.

Lender Liens
Lender Liens allows for checking information before paying claims and enables insurers to avoid lawsuits by unpaid lienholders and to detect fraudulent claims earlier. VINMonitor's Lender Liens database contains more than 25 million lien records on late- model vehicles. The database covers the liens of all the captive lenders and most of the largest banks.

Stolen/Recovered Alerts
VINMonitor's Stolen/Recovered service provides recovery notification and includes the location of the vehicle, date of recovery, and telephone contact information for the agency holding the vehicle.

License Plate Recognition (LPR) enables insurers to query VINMonitor's database of private license plate reads to determine where a vehicle involved in a claim has been, to aid in fraudulent claim investigations. VINMonitor's LPR database contains plate reads obtained from affiliate agents located in major urban areas throughout the United States. Get instantaneous access to vehicle locations and hotlist alerts for new scans of monitored vehicles by email.

VINMonitor's daily impound report
Receive a daily e-mail report alerting you which of your vehicles have been impounded within Locator's coverage area in the last 24 hours. The report states the locations and phone numbers of the impound lots holding your vehicles. This report enables you to recover impounded vehicles sooner, saving you storage fees, depreciation, and losses from public lien sales.

Salvage Report
Salvage reports enable you to stop spending money searching for vehicles that are not coming back. Salvage reports also assist in discovering the status of a vehicle's condition when prior title branding has been concealed.

Daily Export Report
Each export report states your vehicle's current location, the proposed export destination, the proposed export date, and the telephone number of the customs agency holding your vehicle. Customs officials hold vehicles for 72 hours before export to investigate the propriety of an export. Both U.S. and Canadian law require exporters of vehicles to present written proof of any lien holder's consent to the export. VINMonitor's daily export report gives you approximately 48 hours before departure to inform customs of your ownership interest in vehicles presented for export without your consent.

Service Lien
In addition to saving insurers money by helping them prevent lien sales and claim excess proceeds, VINMonitor's service lien reports make it possible for insurers to save money by stopping their search for vehicles when sought vehicles have been sold in valid lien sales.

Internet Sales
The report states the e-Bay item number of your vehicle. The item number leads you to the name, address and telephone number of the party offering your vehicle for sale on e-Bay.

VIN-To-Plate translations enable insurers to achieve greater returns from the services of LPR-based stolen vehicle recovery. VIN-To-Plate is a premium service, available by separate signup.
VINMonitor provides the entire suite of data
required to investigate vehicle fraud and
locate and recover missing vehicles
VINMonitor's lender liens service offers a fast
and easy way to check whether a total loss vehicle
has a lien on it before paying a claim.
VINMonitor's Stolen/Recovered service notifies you by e-mail
when your vehicle is entered into the National Crime Information
Center database as a stolen vehicle or as a recovered vehicle.
VINMonitor's LPR database enables you to focus your
search for missing vehicles where they are currently
located, not where they used to be.
VINMonitor's impound alerts enable you to save storage fees, depreciation, and losses from public lien sales.
VINMonitor's salvage reports inform you when one of your
vehicles has been dismantled, crushed, or declared a total
loss by an insurance carrier.
Export reports enable you to stop your
vehicles from leaving the country.
VINMonitor's reports on pending private repair and storage lien sales enable insurers to avoid the loss of their vehicles to bona
fide purchasers at lien sale and to claim excess proceeds
generated at such sales.
Internet Sales reports alert you when your vehicles are
offered for sale on e-Bay, enabling you to claim your
vehicles or the proceeds from the sale of your vehicles.
VIN-To-Plate translations enable an insurer to learn what
license plate is associated with the VIN representing a
vehicle owned by the insurer.